12 Hours of What Seems Like Hell 

As I shared before in my Pilot post, I have a job that I absolutely hate for no reason. But as I sit here in the break room dreading my 12 hour shift, it hits me. One of the small and possibly ridiculous reasons for my hatred of this job is that I have to work manditory overtime. Yeah, I get paid time and half. Yeah, I get more money. But for what? I enjoy time with my wife, watching TV, and being in my house.

You could say I’m lazy, sure. But the main reason I don’t like is because I am enlisting into the USAF. I’ve done the ASVAB, personality testing, application, and all the wonderful hoops you go through. Now I am just waiting to leave and all I want to do is relax somewhat before I go through physical and mental abuse. Now can you relate to my burning hatred to OT?

Mind you my job can be very busy and make time fly. But fortunately for me it’s the worlds slowest day. As if Father Time is out to fuck with me in my time of vulnerability and self loathing.

As my break is just about over, until next time.



It’s admiring to think that so many people out there have dumped their lives into the deep colorful sea we know and love as the Internet. To many paranoids out there, it is not an option, for privacy is the utmost important thing. To me it not even an issue because I’m not so private. My name is Kyle. I started my blog in hopes of getting ungodly rich and famous from people loving and hating the boringness of my life problems and triumphs. Not really. Though being rich and famous would be nice.. *hint* *hint*. But in all seriousnous, my main purpose is to simply put myself out there and open up myself to the people who come across my blog and someday vlog. I’m a simple guy, from a small shitty town, with a job that I hate and have no clue why. But what exactly makes me unique when obviously this sounds like almost everyone out there? I don’t know really. Maybe it’s my willingness to say whatever comes to mind. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Sensorship and I had a falling out and I don’t plan on reconciling. I want to document my life in a series of 0’s and 1’s so that not only all of you can enjoy the blissful ignorance and problems that is my life, but my children and family as well. Maybe even myself because I might get amnesia or at some point.

So at that note, enjoy as I begin dumping myself into this blog. Grab some popcorn because I’m sure the boredom will make you hungry.

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